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Carroll and Rigby Quartet

At the apex of this quartet, which plays the Pendulum during their Irish tour, is a very compatible pairing in saxophonist Jason Rigby and pianist Justin Carroll.

A New Yorker since 1998, saxophonist Rigby has ascended through the city's jazz ranks, often occupying one of the much-prized chairs in The Vanguard Orchestra. Translucent Space, his 2006 debut for Fresh Sound, has elicited a unanimously positive response in the US and here too, among them The Irish Times who heard a "distinctive synthesis of Wayne Shorter and Ornate Coleman, with echoes of Paul Motian's trio."

Justin Carroll needs little introduction, especially known for his work with groups like Organics, but setting aside the Hammond B3 and returning to the piano has stimulated some exemplary small group writing which gets a workout here with Rigby, along with a vigorous rhythm section in drummer Sean Carpio and bassist Dave Redmond.

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