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Chris Potter’s Underground

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Chris Potter's Underground

Chris Potter – saxophone | Craig Taborn – Fender Rhodes
Adam Rogers – guitar | Nate Smith – drums

“One of the best saxophonists on the planet.” The Guardian

“It's a typically American, specifically New York thing; begin at full tilt and keep on going from there. And they did, with a brilliant outpouring of invention and skill that held a capacity audience enthralled throughout the night. This is a group which could turn on the proverbial dime.” - The Irish Times

A long overdue return to Ireland by the brilliant saxophonist Chris Potter, undisputed keeper of the flame of the great American tenor tradition.

It burns brightly, and Potter’s 2007 Dublin concert fairly rattled the joists of Whelan’s with propulsive, exhilarating solo passages built from a band foundation rich in new jazz language, with scalding, funky grooves and outrageous twists in rhythmic gravity.

His stylistic alchemy of legendary players like Sonny Rollins and Joe Henderson with A contemporary rhythm aesthetic demonstrates a shrewd respect for balance between old and new, a lesson absorbed during his lengthy tenure with bassist Dave Holland, with whom Potter continues to have a unique creative rapport. Indeed, he’s actively sought out lengthy apprenticeships with the masters, and time spent in Steely Dan under the perfectionist Donald Fagan has yielded other rewards, including a musical sensibility that defiantly scoffs at the idea that jazz at the cutting edge is incompatible with a good night out.

His co-celebrants of the good groove include the riveting drummer Nate Smith, another mainstay of the lauded Holland Quintet, who creates rhythmic opportunity at every turn, and with a physical intensity that drives this band ever onward. Adam Rogers on guitar and Craig Taborn at the Fender Rhodes are equally resourceful, spinning lines off the hip that continuously weave into the melodic and rhythmic loom, and creating the challenging angles for Potter’s virtuoso saxophone to negotiate. Their most recent CD Ultrahang confirms their status as one of the hottest working groups in jazz today.

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