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Christine Tobin - Pendulum

Christine Tobin

Her eloquent songs are framed by masterful arrangements. There's no self-indulgence, it’s all about the songs.” - The Guardian.

Last year’s BBC Jazz Award was a fitting acknowledgement of the impact that Dubliner Christine Tobin has made on the UK music scene. Over seven albums, including 08’s acclaimed Secret Life of a Girl (Babel) she has carved out a creative niche that moves gracefully between jazz, folk and blues in her streetwise style, with a voice that is richly authentic and infused with emotion. Much of her repertoire is original but she happily strays into the terrain of Cohen, Dylan and Rufus Wainwright, and she recently sang for Martin Scorsese in his series The Blues. Aptly for a singer with an adventurous approach, she has brought three exceptional musicians with her on this extensive Irish tour; renowned South African percussionist Thebe Lipere, a founding member of Loose Tubes, bassist Dave Whitford who is currently working with Germany’s celebrated NDR Big Band, and her long time collaborator Phil Robson, one of Europe’s finest guitarists in the contemporary idiom.

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