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Cooler Clinics August

Each month, Improvised Music Company hosts a Cooler Clinic - professional development sessions where we help improvising musicians navigate the ins and outs of the industry.

Do you have 'a face for radio'?
Don't worry, we've got you covered! This month's theme "Face for Radio" is a tongue in cheek yet serious affair: get your headshot or bandshots taken at The Complex with IMC resident photographer Louis Scully who'll render your lovely mug insta-worthy and print-ready. Then sit down for a 1:1 with IMC for a chat about pitching to radio (where an eye-catching image often is what draws them in to begin with), or any other career areas where you might like some guidance or feedback.

Limited 45 minute Photo Shoots:

This is your chance to come away with some hi-res and eye-catching promotional images - crucial for the artists of today. These limited sessions are aimed at gigging improvising musicians who don't yet have hi res promo images.

Radio Pitching and Blurb Brainstorming:

Book a slot to discuss radio pitching and brainstorm your blurb with a member of the IMC team. Get valuable insights on how to craft compelling pitches and captivating music blurbs that grab attention and open doors for your music.

Drop-in AMA with IMC:

Have burning questions about social media strategies, funding applications, newsletter marketing, releasing music, domestic and international touring, or any other pressing concerns? Bring them along! Our team is here to help and offer guidance on any topic that's on your mind.

for your preferred time slot and join us at our vibrant new development space and venue, The Cooler at The Complex.

Finding Us:
The Cooler is accessed from the Mary's Abbey entrance to The Complex - just off the LUAS tracks. Look out for the small blue door, near the red wall with 'The Complex' sign. Ring the IMC bell, and you'll be met at the door

Access Notes:
The performance space is up two flights of stairs and may be difficult to access for patrons with mobility issues. The space is fully seated. Gender-neutral toilet facilities are available upstairs (a few steps up from the level of The Cooler). Baby-changing facilities are available at The Gallery, downstairs at The Complex (using the Arran St entrance).

If you have any other queries regarding accessibility or require any accommodations for seating etc, please contact us at admin @ improvisedmusic . ie and we will do our best to assist you.

Booking Advised.

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