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Cooler Clinics October

Cooler Clinics October: Fundamentals of Funding Applications

Each month, Improvised Music Company hosts a Cooler Clinic in our new rehearsal and development space for improvised music - The Cooler at The Complex.

Drop in to The Cooler any time to talk to the IMC team about anything that’s been concerning you in your career, one-to-one or in a small group, in short 20/30 minute slots.

Each Cooler Clinic has a particular focus, with talks around that topic - such as social media, funding applications, newsletter marketing, releasing music, domestic and international touring, or many other things that can be challenging for a lot of musicians to navigate.

In October, with upcoming Arts Council and Dublin City Council grants round, we’re focusing on funding applications, with a chance to get tips and feedback on and discuss any applications you’re working on.

However, one-to-one conversations can be on any topic that’s concerning you at the minute, so feel free to drop in with questions in any area that you think we might be able to help on.

The Cooler Clinic is also an open place to chat with fellow musicians in the genre over tea and coffee and share knowledge that might be helpful to everyone, AND if you are interested in using the space for rehearsal and development, you can have an in-person induction session to The Cooler too.

Register in for what time of day you’d like to attend and drop in with your questions.

Morning slots are available online via Zoom, and afternoon slots in person at The Cooler.

You can use the one-to-one time to talk to the IMC team about any concerns you have around funding opportunities you’d like to apply for, such as to:

  • Get another pair of eyes on any funding application for any mistakes or areas of possible misunderstanding.
  • Get external perspective on the goals of any draft or prospective application for upcoming grants in relation to the award’s guidelines.
  • Bring along any draft budgets to discuss the budgeting process and any questions you have, or work with us to create a budget structure you can use.
  • Get feedback on or ideas for useful supporting documentation.
  • If you don’t have a current opportunity in mind but you’re aiming to become more comfortable with the funding process overall, feel free to bring along a previous application, a previous draft, or even a starting idea to discuss with us.

IMC is not a funding body, but having been a part of many applications over the years, we can offer advice based on our experience, and a fresh pair of eyes over text, budgets, or supporting documentation.

Access notes

The Cooler is up two flights of stairs and may be difficult to access for patrons with mobility issues. The space is fully seated. Gender-neutral toilet facilities are available upstairs (a few steps up from the level of The Cooler). Baby-changing facilities are available at The Gallery, downstairs at The Complex (using the Arran St entrance).

If you have any other queries regarding accessibility or require any accommodations for seating etc, please contact us at admin @ improvisedmusic . ie and we will do our best to assist you.

Where we are

The Cooler is upstairs at The Complex Arts Centre, Dublin 7. The Cooler is accessed via the Mary's Abbey door of The Complex (just off the LUAS tracks), NOT the Arran St East entrance to The Gallery.

On Google Maps, search for The Cooler or The Depot at The Complex (the main performance space downstairs at The Complex). On Google Maps, the address for The Complex generally will bring you to the gallery on Arran St East.

The red line of the LUAS runs very close to The Cooler, taking the stop at Jervis St or at Four Courts.

There is no customer parking available at The Complex. A small gated Dublin City Council car park can be accessed on Marys' Lane, around the corner at standard rates. Jervis Shopping Centre Car Park is also close by. Some street parking is available nearby - days and rates vary, please check signs.

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