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Cooler Clinics Online December

Each month, Improvised Music Company hosts a Cooler Clinic. This month's clinic also includes an online option for those who can't make it into The Cooler or live further away.

Over the morning we're offering short 20/30 minute slots via Zoom to talk to the IMC team about anything that’s been concerning you in your career.

Each Cooler Clinic has a particular focus - such as social media, funding applications, newsletter marketing, releasing music, domestic and international touring, or many other things that can be issues for a lot of musicians. This month's theme is '2024 Planning' - looking ahead to funding & festival deadlines, planning tours, strategy etc.

Conversations can be on any topic that’s concerning you at the minute, so feel free to drop in with questions in any area that you think we might be able to help on.

Register in for what time of day you’d like to attend and you'll receive a Zoom link with your questions.

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