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Improvised Music Company & An Grianán

Cormac McCarthy at Earagail Arts Festival

NAVIGATOR Jazz Residency at An Grianán Theatre in partnership with Improvised Music Company (IMC)

Cork-based composer, pianist and arranger Cormac McCarthy brings to bear a background across traditional, jazz, and classical in his innovative music.

Presenting an individualistic use of Irish traditional tunes in the jazz idiom along with sweepingly cinematic textures, McCarthy marries two genres which are seldom brought together successfully.

As part of the new IMC artist residency NAVIGATOR, at An Grianán Theatre, Letterkenny, and other venues nationwide, jazz pianist and composer Cormac McCarthy will be on site in An Grianán this July developing new work, and collaborating with local artists and music students.

On Friday July 23rd online audiences can enjoy a glimpse of collaborative work with Donegal alto-sax player Micheál Murray (of the Murray Brothers) which has taken place during this residency.

WATCH HERE from 7pm Friday 23rd July

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