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Dave Douglas Quintet & Nguyen Le and Huong Thanhs

ESB Dublin Jazz Festival presents

on Sat 5th @ Vicar Street

from NYC

Dave Douglas Quintet

Dave Douglas - trumpet/Seamus Blake - tenor
Uri Caine - fender rhodes/James Genus - bass/Clarence Penn - drums

"Dave Douglas is a phenomenon - not so much part of a new wave as an entire movement by himself." - The Guardian


from Vietnam

Nguyen Le and Huong Thanh's Dragonfly

Huong Thanh - voice/Nguyen Le - guitars
Hao Nhien Pham - bamboo flute, 3-stringed lute
Michel Alibo - bass/Dominique Borker - keyboards
Francois Verly - tablas, percussion

Nguyen Le is one of the most creative of the many jazz players exploring the marriage of "America's classical music" with traditional music from everywhere else. His haunting marriage of cultures has immediate and obvious impact."- International Herald Tribune

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