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Dunne & Hernandez

Ariel Hernandez – guitar,voice
Dermot Dunne – accordion

"The rhythms of the southern hemisphere fuelled milongas, tangos and chacareras, each one tumbling after the other with a mix of wry nonchalance and highly disciplined precision. Dermot Dunne's accordion brings both poise and playfulness to the mix, and Ariel Hernandez' superb guitar lines sit beneath a voice that could only have been born beneath a southern star." - The Irish Times

There’s a rare chemistry between Ariel Hernandez and Dermot Dunne, apparent from the moment they first shared a stage in 2004. Many nights later, the musical and personal rapport is getting stronger, and this is one creative partnership set to endure.

The conduit for this cultural exchange has been Ariel's repertoire of rugged songs, both originals and traditional, from his Argentine homeland. Sometimes an urbane nuevo tango that pays tribute to Astor Piazzolla, or a milonga to summon the anonymous dancers in the bars of Buenos Aires, or a rough hewn chacarera or huayno that evokes the Inca communities of Argentina’s northeastern plains, drinking their maté when the working day is over.

Hernandez supplies quiet authenticity, an unadorned voice and mastery of Latin guitar idioms, learned from the old players in his native Buenos Aires. Dunne, an extravagant talent borne of classical rigour, and who enthusiastically embraces music in all its hues, elicits great drama from the accordion and negotiates the rhythmic twists and turns of this music as if he were born to it.

A match made in heaven.

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