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Empirical - Pendulum


"Empirical undoubtedly reference the jazz canon, but they have a thrilling contemporary take on reinventing it.”The Guardian

It has been a frenetic few years for Empirical, the quartet of young Londoners who have cut such a swathe across the UK jazz scene and further afield too, with a slew of awards and a busy itinerary that includes performances at the North Sea and Newport Jazz Festivals. Saxophonist Nathianel Facey, vibraphonist Lewis Wright, bassist Tom Farmer and drummer Shaney Forbes fairly bristle with a youthful resolve, as they summon the spirit of Ornette, Blakey and Miles. It sounds fresh and newly cast, brimming with excitement and discovery, where snappy themes give way to abundant rhythmic hunting ground for capable improvisers. Bucking the trends among their contemporaries that sees electronica play an ever increasing role in jazz, they’ve take a singular approach and gone deep into the acoustic tradition. They’ve come back with something worthwhile.

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