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“Not what jazz was but a vision of what it can be.” – New York Times

“There are ordinary jazz piano trios and there is E.S.T, the trio of the decade” - The TImes

E.S.T. are:

  • Esbjorn Svensson – piano
  • Dan Berglund – bass
  • Magnus Ostrum – drums

Revered across Europe, where they regularly breach the citadel of the pop and rock charts, The Esbjorn Svensson Trio have defiantly emerged from the underground, fast becoming the hottest ticket in jazz and a portent of the shifting order in the music worldwide.

They’re back after selling out Vicar St on Valentine’s Night 04, a memorable night that rendered a Dublin audience speechless with two sets of captivating group interplay, uniting hardened purists and jazz newcomers alike. E.S.T. may have arrived as relative unknowns, but these three unassuming Swedes left as giants of the European music scene.

Formed in Stockholm in 1993, E.S.T. have evolved organically over the course of seven albums to create a unique soundscape that embraces jazz, electronica, dance and folk music in the spirit of free expression that characterises the new generation of European jazz. Their latest, "Seven Days of Falling” (ACT) has received unanimous acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic, marking another compelling chapter in their persuasive group philosophy, and May 05 sees another new release forthcoming. Drawing base elements from alt. country, jungle and drum ‘n’ bass, the grooves of bassist Dan Berglund and drummer Magnus Ostrum have retained their urgency, while Svensson lays down simultaneous ambient keyboard effects and lyrical piano solos that are firmly rooted in the meditative Nordic sound developed by pianist Bobo Stenson in the 70s.

A decade since their inception, there's an irresistible sense of playful curiosity and adventure about EST that shows no sign of waning, and their probing spirit has the sense of renewal that is the hallmark of great music, beyond category. To those who would say that jazz is in decline, these three letters are the perfect riposte. EST.

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