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Farmleigh Affair 07 -Monday


Monday 6th starts with strange noises from down under and the twelve strapping blokes of The Spooky Men's Chorale, who combine medieval polyphony with original songs about power tools and growing beards. Trust us, it works.

A little more local, but no less exotic, Julie Fowlis will seduce you with beautiful Scots Gaelic songs from the isle of Uist in the windswept Outer Hebrides.

Dobet Gnahore sings in the Bété language of The Ivory Coast, and she's one of the most vivacious young performers in West Africa today, with a percussion driven band that features the balafon, with its ingenious system of rosewood keys and dried resonating gourds.

Very special guest at this year’s Farmleigh Affair is 21 st century troubadour, conscious raiser and proud Dubliner Damien Dempsey, with songs from his critically acclaimed new CD To Hell or Barbados.

Finally, we have the fabulous Kocani Orchestra from Macedonia, rocking Farmleigh's foundations with their mighty Balkan brass and percussion.

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