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Fidil & Solo Cissokho at TradFest

Sunday 29th January 2012 The Button Factory, Temple Bar

Irish music wears its globalism lightly, weaving itself into the fabric of music around the world, and its eloquently demonstrated in this festival finale that embraces folk traditions from Ireland, West Africa, Italy and the Balkans.

The groundbreaking trio of Aidan O'Donnell, Ciaran Ó Maonaigh and Damien McGeehan are joined by seventh generation griot Solo Cissokho in this entertaining dialogue between Donegal and Senegal. With their adventurous approach to the fiddle coupled with the depth of lore and tunes of the Donegal tradition, Fidil are a worthy talisman for a new trad generation. Solo is a master of the kora, the regal 22 stringed harp with its beautiful cascades of rippling notes and addictive West African grooves.

Tarab is a nimble craft that sails the waters between Ireland and the Mediterranean, and its helmsman is Italian Francesco Turrissi, bringing a fresh perspective informed by a background in baroque harpsichord, jazz piano and the Moorish dance forms of Southern Italy. He plays accordion, Arabic and Sicilian frame drums, and brilliantly bridges music from right across Europe in a band that includes saxophonist Nick Roth and cellist Kate Ellis. Their jazz and classical backgrounds find a counterbalance in flautist Emer Mayock who, along with percussionist Robbie Harris, brings an innate understanding of melody and form in Irish music.

Presented by Improvised Music Company & Earagail Arts Festival

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