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Fleischer Junemann 4tet feat. Adam Nussbaum

Right from the broody opening vamp of their new CD Four! (ZYX Music),
the intent of this German/US quartet is clear - assertive yet lyrical playing of a contemporary disposition, loosely referring back to bop,
underscored throughout with a collective respect for jazz swing in its
past and present expressions.

Nor is this their first foray into such terrain, and for these impressive German players Ulli Junemann (alto), Marcus Fleischer (guitar) and Uli Glaszmann (bass), March 06 sees their third European tour in the company of one of the greatest drummers of the last two decades, Adam Nussbaum.

A master of time, Nussbaum provides an exhilarating canvas of groove, exploited to the full by Junemann and Fleischer, at times evoking the great sax/guitar partnership of Joe Lovano and John Scofield.

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