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Improvised Music Company & The Ark with Limerick Jazz

Fun Size Jazz Limerick

Fun Size Jazz goes on the road this February in collaboration with Limerick Jazz. Nine of Limerick's talented improvising musicians will be working together and in workshop with interactive/community music expert Sam Kavanagh to create engaging shows for young people. They perform to school audiences on the 26th of February, with performances introduced and MC'd by Sam Kavanagh. Fun Size Jazz was developed by IMC and The Ark, to support artists in creating high-quality and engaging jazz performances for young audiences.

From Autumn’s Song to Summer’s Air
Drawing on jazz, pop, improvisation, classical and Irish traditional music, this show takes inspiration from the circle of life as it spins and weaves through songs associated with the changing of the seasons. Working with voice, flute and guitar, the set features solo and group playing of both standards and improvised music. With Rory Keane (guitar), Aoife Doyle (vocals), Chelsea Zimmerman (flute).

All Fun and Games
Playing with music in every sense of the word, this light-hearted romp plays with musicians like a pin-ball machine. Actor Myles Breen ably assisted by the audience will be throwing ideas at the improvising string players, who will juggle it into an exciting musical performance. You might hear battles between jazz & classical music, or a musical adventure taking some weird turns from audience choices! With Kathrine Barnecutt (violin/viola), Peter Hanagan (double bass), and Myles Breen (actor)

Song of the Jungle
Hear the sounds of different jungle animals created on musical instruments, weaving themselves into an exciting jungle song! With Jane Fraser (vocals/electronics), Rory Murphy (bass/keys), Paul Breen (percussion).

Please note this is a schools' performance and is not open to the public.

Read more about Fun Size Jazz HERE

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