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Improvised Music Company & The Ark

Fun Size Jazz

Give jazz a try at The Ark as accomplished musicians share short performances of new ideas for young audiences in the second of our new Fun Size Jazz series, presented by Improvised Music Company in partnership with The Ark.

Each performance will showcase a range of different musicians, bands and ensembles as they try out early versions of their ideas for what they hope will be exciting jazz and improvised based music for children. The show will have a relaxed atmosphere and will be hosted by our MC Sam Kavanagh who will encourage the musicians and the audience to have fun together and to chat about what you liked (or didn’t!) about the music so that the musicians can learn and improve their ideas.

In August's show we have three great acts for you:

Playing the Blues with Ben - A participative performance with an emphasis on fun. You may even get a chance to come up with some lyrics and along the way find out what the AAB 12 bar format is!
With Ben Prevo (guitar, vocals, loop pedal).

Space Voyagers - Voyage into space with this band travelling across the planets on the vibrations of sound, communicating through the metaphysical medium of music!
With Lioba Petrie (cello, loop pedal, voice), Abigail Smith (voice, viola, other instruments), Dave Redmond (double bass), Phil MacMullin (drums/percussion).

The Smashing Red Kite's Blues - This performance uses the children’s story ‘The Smashing Red Kite’ story by Ann Lorraine Mack to bring the blues to life. The music follows the red kite as he leaves the toy shop for a life of adventure.
With Emilie Conway (Vocals), Johnny Taylor (Piano), Damian Evans (Bass), Ann Lorraine Mack (Narration/vocals/flute).

This is a great chance for music lovers of all ages to try something new together.

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