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Fuzzy Logic Ensemble

FuzzyLogicEnsemble play the Church of Ireland venue as part of the Boyle Arts Festival which runs from 27th July to 3rd August.

They take their name from a mathematical concept that deals with probability, of which there are plenty here.
Tipping the scales is the gifted composer Dylan Rynhart, who leads this young ensemble with a refreshing
clarity of purpose and a musical logic all his own.

Young he may be, but Rynhart is a bandleader of the old school and since 2002, he’s applied himself to the
many demands of keeping ten hungry players on the road, and with no little success.

A critically acclaimed debut CD “New Hat”, commissions, awards and festivals have all started to flow, tacit
acknowledgement that here is a young composer with his own voice.
He writes imaginative and open hearted music with a palpable sense of discovery, and follows the jazz
maxim of understanding what’s gone before in order to find what lies ahead. From the pointillism of
Thelonious Monk to the rich washes of colour that recall Kenny Wheeler, Rynhart’s ambitious writing with its
orchestral scope is brought to life with the flexibility and sonority of this unique instrumentation.

His players think so too, and Rynhart has drawn from the ranks of Ireland’s finest emerging players to
breathe life into his often gentle, but deceptively tricky music. Self-assured soloists are in plentiful supply,
including trumpeter Bill Blackmore and saxophonist Nick Roth, along with open-minded young classical
players like Cellist Kate Ellis.

The best young musicians playing the best young composer’s music? Seems logical.

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