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Fuzzy Logic with special guest Tom Arthurs

Tom Arthurs is a superb young trumpet player and an exceptional exponent of a thriving London jazz and improvised music scene. No stranger to large groups, Tom is a member of the critically acclaimed F-IRE Collective and has worked with many jazz virtuosos including Kenny Wheeler and John Taylor.

For this tour Arthurs joins another outstanding jazz group: FUZZYLOGICENSEMBLE. With composer Dylan Rynhart at the helm on Hammond organ, the ensemble have been making an impression on the Irish jazz scene for the past six years with their lyrical and innovative signature style. Ten of Ireland's finest young musicians put Rynhart's quirky and evocative compositions through their paces with hallmark skill and tenacity in a line up which includes guitar, hammond, voice, tenor sax, alto sax, bass, trumpet, cello and drums

"Mouthpiece" is a collection of music written for trumpet and ensemble, in which the trumpet becomes the voice of the composer, inciting the ensemble to express themselves collectively about the joy and the heartache in the world around us. The music is inspired directly and indirectly by speech; patterns, emotion and expression.

Sue Brady: Voice

Tom Arthurs: Trumpet

Cathal Roche: Soprano Saxophone

Nick Roth: Alto Saxophone

Brian Wynne: Tenor Saxophone

Kate Ellis: Cello

Derek Whyte: Bass

Lee Tobin: Guitar

Dylan Rynhart: Hammond organ

Philip McMullan: Drums

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