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Gayle Parker Sanders Trio

Two icons of American music in saxophonist Charles Gayle and bassist William Parker are joined by leading UK drummer Mark Sanders for this Pendulum foray into free music of the very highest calibre.

The enigmatic Charles Gayle, often homeless during the 80s, subsisting through performance on New York street corners and subways, is among the most forceful of living saxophonists, his music imbued with the religious fervour of southern gospel and latest period Coltrane.

Few bassists can press a group forward with the inexorable drive of the unconventional William Parker. Self taught, yet possessed of formidable technique and conversant with many other instruments such as the West African kora, Parker is a hugely influential figure in American music, and like Gayle, has collaborated with artists as diverse as Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and former Coltrane drummer Rashid Ali. For his part, Mark Sanders is a pillar of the UK's ever-robust free jazz scene, performing with musicians like Paul Dunmall, Evan Parkers, and most recently, Jah Wobble.

Muscular, communicative music awaits.

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