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Guilfoyle / Buckley / Rainey

Adam Nussbaum, Keith Copeland, Jim Black. All musicians who’ve played The Pendulum’s house kit, and now we add Tom Rainey to this roster of US drum aristocracy.

Eschewing any histrionics or grandstanding, Rainey’s approach is both deeply musical and rhythmically engrossing, and he’s enjoyed a prolific output with many of NYC’s emblematic groups of the last two decades, from the early days of the downtown scene with New and Used to his current role in groups like Tim Berne’s Big Satan and the Fred Hersch Trio.

He’s joined by saxophonist Michael Buckley and bassist Ronan Guilfoyle and together they’ll be a formidable unit, exploring the classic saxophone trio format in an evening of individual virtuosity and intense contemporary swing.

More info on Tom Rainey can be found here.

Check out Ronan Guilfoyle's MySpace here.

Check out Michael Buckley's MySpace here.

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