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Hayes & Cahill - OPW Salon Music Series

OPW Salon Music Series
Hayes & Cahill

“Beauty and sublime artistry proliferate.” - The Irish Examiner
“Matchless and magic: a timely reminder of what genius really tastes like.” – The Irish Times

Few could have anticipated the illustrious path upon which Martin Hayes and Denis Cahill were setting out when they played their first gigs in Seattle in the 80’s, but their journey deep into the heart of traditional melody has also taken them to the world’s greatest halls, evidence of something universal at the heart of this musical partnership that speaks so effortlessly.

Their bond has grown in intensity down the years, in a nightly dialogue that seems to begin afresh every time they play, yet carries the best of the many conversations that have preceded it. In their Zen like way, the topic often starts out the same; the lyrical music of East Clare learnt in childhood from Martin’s father PJ Hayes, whose melodies are a portal to their unique sound world, where time itself seems subservient to the music’s progress, graceful and unobstructed.

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