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Hypnotoad feat. Matthew Bourne

From UK/EU: "Hypnotoad" feat Matthew Bourne
Saturday May 22nd: The Boom Boom Room

James Alsop - Tenor Sax / Bass Clarinet
Alex Bonney - Trumpet / Electronics
Stian Westerhus - Baritone Guitar
Steve Davis - Drums / Percussion
Special Guest Matthew Bourne - Piano

"Anarchic yet charming..." Django Bates, Jazz UK.

Hypnotoad are a band of musicians interested in playing new challenging music that is accessible as possible, whilst breaking new ground. The music is influenced by most musical traditions: jazz, classical, rock and folk music from around the world. Hypnotoad attempt to integrate these musics to find a new approach, "it's more about dipping into those traditions and abstracting the things we like than juxtaposing different systems in an obvious way." (Steve Davis)

The band has cultivated a distinctive voice not unlike the current New York downtown scene. Big Influences would be Django Bates, Dave Douglas, Tim Berne, Cecil Taylor, Andy Laster, Bill Frisell and Supersilent to name but a few.

Steve Davis is also one third of the Bourne/Davis/Kane trio. Featuring pianist Mathew Bourne. He has also performed with Paul Dunmall, Django Bates, Annie Whitehead, Dylan Bates, Dick Oates, Julian Siegal, Bruno Tomasso, European Jazz Orchestra, Brian Irvine Ensemble, and has studied at Skidmore Jazz Institute New York.

Special Guest, Matthew Bourne has been making waves in the UK as a force to be reckoned with having won the Perrier Young Jazz Musician award in 2001 and the BBC Radio Jazz Innovation award in 2002.

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