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IMC 1st Annual Jazz Record Fair

11am - 4pm Saturday 20th November, Project Arts Centre, Temple Bar

convert your final vinyl and deleted discs into Christmas lolly at our 1st jazz record fair!

Maybe it a mid life crisis, but we’ve decided that, like us, you think its time to purify your castle of the countless cds and LPS you’ve accumulated over a lifetime of listening. You’re equally concerned that these priceless artefacts should fall into hands as impeccably tasteful as your own, as opposed to languishing in the bargain bin of some dank 2nd hand record shop, hustled off you for a paltry two yoyos by some callow youth who has zero appreciation of Archie Shepp live at The Village Vanguard. Collectors of Ireland, help is at hand.

We’re holding our 1st Jazz Record Fair in Project Arts Centre on Saturday 20th November. This historic occasion will send your domestic happiness index soaring, with filthy lucre for you, and bliss untold for your better halves , compelled as you will be to bring sanity and order to the disputed territories in which your collection is currently squatting. And who knows what gems you may return with, as you draw a veil over that lifelong quest for Anthony Braxton’s criminally deleted seminal solo recording of prepared didgeridoo.

During the day, there’ll be light refreshments, maybe some live music (remember that?), ample opportunity to get your snout into the heady aroma of musty Long Players, and meet other people just like you. You bring the booty, we’ll provide the display tables, boxes, bags and other paraphernalia, see below for terms. Ladies free before 11.

To reserve a sales table, or for further info, contact john @ IMC
t: 01 670 3885 e:

100 plus items (cd & vinyl)

  • Your own trestle table for €25

50 – 100 items (ie cd & vinyl)

  • Half trestle table for €15

50 items or less (cd only)

  • your own slot in the communal table for €10

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