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Incubator LIVE 2023

Live music inspired by Phoenix Park landscapes and collaborative musical conversations.

At Incubator LIVE, Patrick Stefan and Jennifer McMahon share brand new music inspired by the changing seasons and landscapes of Phoenix Park and developed with an array of musical collaborators.

In 2022, Patrick and Jeni were both chosen for the inaugural Incubator programme - a match-funding patron-style programme, in which each artist devleoped a specific project with the direct support of their audience over the course of a year.

Taking the time to develop their work, Patrick and Jeni shared each step of the way with the Champions who supported their work, with vlogs, letters, podcasts, and excerpts of work shared each month.

After months of creating, developing and working, they share highlights of the new music developed with you at The Cooler in a warm and welcoming Sunday evening performance.

Patrick Stefan

"A gorgeous debut from a hugely talented mind”
- Totally Dublin on Wayfarer

Patrick Stefan is an Irish-Dutch singer and guitarist. Originally from Co. Clare, Patrick’s unique musical background encompasses jazz, folk and world music, with him developing his craft in Brazil, the United States, Finland, Mali and beyond. He has collaborated with some of the top musicians in Ireland and released his debut album ‘Wayfarer’ to critical acclaim in 2022.

Patrick’s Incubator project was an adventure in collaboration and the connection we find in improvisation, which saw him jamming, writing and recording a new track with a new collaborator almost every month. Over the course of the project, Patrick collaborated with harpists, guitarists, violinists, vocalists, and even poets for an array of musical conversations brought into beautiful new music.

Jennifer McMahon

“Raw, sensual emotion” – The Irish Times

Jennifer McMahon is a rising singer-songwriter from Dublin. Her lyrics are the keystone of her work, and her music illustrates the power of song, exploring personal and collective themes of love, loss, belonging, sensuality, and compassion. Following a Masters in Contemporary Performance from Berklee College of Music, and BA in Jazz Performance, Jennifer has been releasing powerful compositions over the past few years.

Jeni’s Incubator project ‘I Was Here’ is a multidisciplinary project about our relationship with nature, taking inspiration from Dublin’s Phoenix Park, exploring senses of place and space in different areas of the park and turning these into rich musical experiences.

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