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Incubator Dispatch July

The next Dispatch from the Incubator artists will arrive on the 31st July. Join us for the next step in Jennifer McMahon's artistic exploration of Phoenix Park 'I was here', and Patrick Stefan's adventure in collaboration 'Play Date'.

Incubator Champions can log into view the Dispatch with your username and password at the link below*.

*Please note this content is exclusively for our Incubator Champions who are directly supporting this work via a matched monthly contribution. The Incubator Champions' link will bring you to a login area to view the content. If you are not yet an Incubator Champion you can sign up HERE.

A match-funding initiative from Improvised Music Company (IMC), Incubator offers supporters exclusive access to new content, music and real-life experiences, following two artists working on exciting projects over 1 year. Following an open call-out, the artists selected for the inaugural edition of Incubator were Jennifer McMahon and Patrick Stefan. Incubator Champions are invited to sign up to invest €5 a month for 1 year, supporting new Irish music, which IMC match so that your €5 becomes €10, enabling Jennifer and Patrick to devote time into their respective projects and further develop their promising careers.

Jeni’s Incubator project ‘I Was Here’ is a multidisciplinary project about our relationship with nature, taking inspiration from Dublin’s Phoenix Park, and exploring senses of place and space.

Patrick’s Incubator project 'Play Date' is an adventure in collaboration and the connection we find in improvisation, which will see him jamming, writing and recording a new track with a new collaborator every month.

If you are interested in becoming an Incubator Champion, follow the link to support music in the making.

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