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Jamie Oehlers/Paul Williamson 5tet

Australia’s young jazz musicians find the Irish climate agreeable, and far from their Melbourne base, saxophonist Jamie Oehlers and trumpeter Paul Williamson reunite in Dublin to perform music from their aptly titled current CD Far Away Here. Nor are they strangers to Irish audiences. Oehlers, a formidable saxophonist with a muscular approach, and a significant presence internationally, enjoyed an extended sojourn here, while Williamson is currently lighting up the Dublin jazz scene with intelligent playing that exploits the trumpet’s darker, more pensive qualities. They’ve collaborated extensively, and this latest recording moved The Sydney Morning Herald to assert that “The horns have a gripping presence, and these are beautiful tunes, not sentimental or melancholy. Every note is right.” Joining these leading lights of the Melbourne scene are Galway bassist and fellow Australian Damian Evans and two of Dublin’s finest in pianist Greg Felton and drummer Sean Carpio.

Hear sample from the current CD at Paul Williamson's MySpace here.

Jamie Oehlers MySpace can be found here.

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