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Jazz Connective Public Discussion - Exploring Creative Communities: What makes a scene?

A ‘scene’ is defined, ultimately, by its myriad parts. From people to infrastructure, cultural policy to communal appreciation, awareness to understanding, inspiration to opportunity and education to observation; these elements collectively make up the zeitgeist that propels creativity and connection in jazz and improvised music.

The 'scene' is the heartbeat of the music, and its overall health is a reflection of its sustainability. The scene is also constantly changing; the jazz ecology and the economy is markedly different to what it was just ten years ago, and that, in turn is different to what it was ten years before that.

With input from Irish and international jazz stakeholders, this round-table discussion will explore the question of what makes a scene a ‘scene’? Looking at the communities of people who make up the jazz world in Ireland, the education system which shapes young musicians, and the physical and cultural spaces where they can make music, we will reflect on how Ireland’s jazz scene stands and where its possibilities lie.

From the perspectives of artists, audience, labels, programmers, educators, policy-makers, and media, this discussion will analyse the Irish jazz scene. With the international input of our guest speakers and Jazz Connective’s Europe-wide delegates, we will explore our connected potential, offering possibilities and systems to develop Ireland’s jazz scene into the future.

Moderated by Irish Times journalist, jazz musician and filmmaker, Cormac Larkin.

Annamaija Saarela (FI), Eva Frost (DK), Martyna Markowska (PL), Matthew Jacobson (IE).

This Jazz Connective Public Discussion is a FREE event, but limited capacity.

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