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Jazz Connective Workshop 1: ‘Space is the Place’

Annamaija Saarela, G LiveLabs Tampere.
Martyna Markowska, Institute of Culture Katowice

This workshop is reserved for Jazz Connective delegates and invitees.

A limited number of spaces are additionally available for Irish industry professionals. Please email with your expression of interest.

Music is, in part, defined by the physical and cultural spaces which it inhabits. But just how critical is infrastructure for its development and sustainability?

Is jazz and improvised music altered or compromised by its space or lack therof? Physical spaces for music can be more or less accessible, and can influence music because of their acoustic, history, aesthetic, and atmosphere.

What are the good spaces for jazz, and how have they influenced and propelled generations of musicians?

Do temporary or transient spaces, such as festivals or artist-led initiatives such as residencies or pop-up events, impact how this music is perceived and performed?

Lack of dedicated spaces can retard the development of a jazz and improvised music scene as well as an artists’ professional development, but dedicated spaces can also isolate jazz as a genre from mainstream public consciousness. How can jazz compete in mainstream spaces against other genres of music?

In the end we can ask - what should spaces for jazz prioritise into the future?

See details of Workshop 2: "Creating and developing jazz for young audiences"

See Jazz Connective's public concerts on Wednesday 11th December & Thursday 12th December

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