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Jonathan Kreisberg - Dublin

With six cds to his name plus a lengthy list of collaborations in the highest echelons of New York music, Jonathon Kreisberg is the embodiment of that city's jazz guitar aesthetic. A flawless technique is deployed with understatement, allied to a sophisticated harmonic orbit that compliments buoyant legato playing and a warm tone, and heard in the context of his deft original compositions. His latest release South of Everywhere evokes the best work of fellow guitarists like Kurt Rosenwinkel, and has drawn effusive praise from sources like Jazztimes, as have his contributions to the working groups of musicians like vibraphonist Joe Locke and drummer Ari Hoenig. Jazz guitar aficionados shouldn't miss his Dublin debut, where Kreisberg will be performing in trio with drummer David Little and bassist Damien Evans.

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