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Julie Feeney- OPW Salon Music Series

OPW Salon Music Series
Julie Feeney

“She is an innovator, an original; incomparable with any of her contemporaries and she has created what might just be the Irish album of the year. “ The Irish Times

Julie Feeney’s artful chamber pop is surely tailor made for the genteel environs of Farmleigh, with her delicate palate of strings, muted brass and woodwinds that provide the background colours for one of Ireland’s most original performers and songwriters. This particular Galway girl has the wind at her back, bolstered by unanimous acclaim for Pages, the new CD which looks set to eclipse her debut 13 Songs which garnered a Choice Music Prize. It marks a quantum step in her evolution, especially as composer, where she is pushing on for musical terrain that is rarely heard outside an orchestral context.

It acts as a finely balanced foil to the songwriting, full of wry observation, quirky humour and wordplay, and there’s an assuredness to her theatrical delivery that beckons to other creative avenues too. The voice, needless to say, is as good as ever, evidence that those five years in the National Chamber Choir were in good stead, just one fork on her musical road less travelled that is now bringing her to somewhere very original.

Julie Feeney's official website HERE

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Watch the Aching video HERE

Farmleigh website HERE

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