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Liebman / Sardjoe / Guilfoyle

David Liebman - soprano saxophone
Ronan Guilfoyle - bass
Chander Sardjoe - drums

"Liebman is arguably the reigning king of the soprano, as well as one of the most complete improvisers in modern music.."- Chicago Tribune

Three names to conjure with in this trio that spans genres and generations, put to the service of music with an uncompromising commitment to creativity.

At its apex is David Liebman, supreme among soprano saxophonists, with an emotional vocabulary that few modern jazz improvisers possess. Liebman, whose resume includes an extended period with Miles Davis in the mid 70s, has devoted himself exclusively to this demanding instrument for over two decades and his dark, rich tone is unique. Providing the counterpoint to Liebman's intricately woven melodic lines are two outstanding European musicians in drummer Chander Sardjoe, who assimilates the subtle complexities of Indian classical music to extraordinary effect, and bassist Ronan Guilfoyle, equally responsive to rhythmic possiblity.

Trio playing, in all its guises, has consistently yielded jazz's most creative milestones, and Liebman/Sardjoe/Guilfoyle will be no different. Poised between familiarity and discovery, they collectively improvise, freed from the strictures of form and repertoire, yet carrying an innate understanding of the music's first principles into what promises to be an exhilarating performance.

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