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Light Airborne

12 Points! is a European festival, but Manhattan still exerts a gravitational pull on many of our artists, including Denmark's fine saxophonist/flautist Niels L?kkegaard, who's intermittently based there. A graduate of Copenhagen's Rhythmic Music Conservatory, he's a mainstay of several Danish large groups, and is lead alto with The Kluvers Big Band, in addition to a plethora of groups under his own leadership.

He flies to Dublin from the US to convene Light Airborne, featuring Christoffer M?ller (Rhodes, piano) Morten Lund (drums) Lars Jenset (bass) and Jeppe Kjellberg (guitar). Collectively, they're the vehicle for his yearning, harmonically deft compositions that often give way to an open landscape for improvisation with a plaintive Nordic characteristic.

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