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Louis Winsberg Trio

From Marseilles: Louis Winsberg Trio

  • Louis Winsberg guitar
  • Christophe Walemme bass
  • Franck Agulhon drums

Like so many contemporary musicians, Louis Winsberg inhabits two musical universes. One as a jazz musician, renowned throughout France for his use of the expansive approach favoured by players like Pat Metheny, the other as a gypsy musician, steeped in the flamenco traditions of France's footprint on the southern mediterranean. As he nears artistic maturity, the two elements are combining to create music that is rich in texture and colour.

Growing up in Marseilles, Winsberg learned to play the guitar with his childhood friends from the Reyes family, who along with the Baliardos, would later go on to form The Gypsy Kings. That formative influence has never left him, and Winsberg's most recent release, Jaleo, is a vibrant reinvention of the flamenco form that draws it muse from Pat Metheny and Lyle May's appropriation of various Brazilian styles to create a new jazz approach.

A potent force in the French jazz scene, he has also worked extensively in more orthodox jazz settings, alongside fellow Francophone musicians like noted guitarist Sylvain Luc, and international figures like singer Dee Dee Bridgewater and bassist Eddie Gomez.

Just as flamenco fuels his larger groups, the songs of Serge Gainsbourg, Claude Nougaro, Georges Brassens and Laurent Voulzy inspire his more intimate trio, and in bassist Christophe Walemme and drummer Franck Agulhon, he has found fellow travelers who share his appetite for new musical landscapes.

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