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Lubo Alexandrov & Kaba Horo- Pendulum

Those addictive rhythms of the Balkan countryside get a funky urban makeoverfrom Canada with Lubo Alexandrov and his trademark double-necked fretless guitar.Brilliantly fusing a jazz training with his Bulgarian heritage, Alexandrov and accordionist Emil Iliev, bassist Georgi Stankov and drummer Martin August have just played the major Canadian festivals including Montreal and arecurrently planning a follow up to their 2006 ENJA release Kaba Horo.The title loosely translated as "rough dance" but there's nothing ragged about the way they set about Turkish and gypsy dance tunes, with gutsy abandon and taut rhythmic accuracy in pleasing equilibrium.Like Yurodny, they're a sign oftoday's global reach of Balkan music, with whom they'll be collaborating at Clonmel's Junction Festival just prior to this Pendulum date.

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