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Lunfardia @ Errigal Festival

"… Milongas, tangos and chacareras, each one trumbling after the other with a mix of wry nonchalance and highly disciplined precision…"

Sioban Long - Irish Times.

"Lunfardo" is a language developed in the lower classes of Buenos Aires at the end of 19th century. It is a mixture of European, African and native Argentinean languages and is bound inextricably with the music of the city and of the peoples that have congregated there. "Lunfardia" refers to the world that surrounds this unique, rich tongue, and the group brings together original compositions by Ariel Hernandez and traditional Latin-American pieces: a trip from the heart of Buenos Aires through the magic Tangos, Milongas and Candombes, the rough-hewn Chacareras and Zambas from the Argentinean northwest, the cheerful Huayno from Bolivia, the strong percussive beats of Afro-Peruvian rhythms, the vertiginous Joropo Venezolano and the fast melodies of Choros from Brasil.

The quintet is a development of the duo partnership between guitarist-singer Ariel Hernandez and accordionist Dermot Dunne. "Lunfardia" - adding violin, bass and percussion to the existing duo – released their debut album 'Picada Pa Cinco' in early 2008 to rapturous acclaim – The Sunday Tribune describing it as a "fascinating mix of folk styles, played with real panache and virtuosity by an extravagantly talented group".

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