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Mark Levine

San Francisco's creative music scene is equal parts jazz and Latin, and few musicians in the world straddle these rhythmic first cousins as authoritatively as pianist, composer and author Mark Levine. His jazz resume is peppered with iconic figures from the music's history like Joe Henderson and Woody Shaw, and on the Latin side, equally illustrious musicians like Cal Tjader and Mongo Santamaria, while his compositions have enjoyed a similar mobility between the two great musics of the Americas.

Today, he's equally celebrated as an author, principally for his Jazz Theory Book, now an indispensable tool for aspiring musicians and adopted as a syllabus text by institutes for jazz study around the world, including Dublin's Newpark Music Centre, at whose invitation he's in town. Come along and hear what the world's leading jazz educator gets up to on his night off, with Michael Buckley (tenor), Ronan Guilfoyle (bass) and Conor Guilfoyle (drums).

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