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Match&Fuse Irish Tour March 2013

In January of last year ReDiviDeR were invited to UK to take part in double-bill tour with M&F founders WorldService Project (WSP).

This very successful trip included dates in Nottingham, Bristol, Oxford and a sold out gig at London's Vortex Jazz Club.

This year ReDiviDeR, as part of the culture programme celebrating Ireland's Presidency of the EU 2013, secured funding to bring WSP here for a double-bill tour in March and French M&F band Alfie Ryner over in June.

Match&Fuse Irish Tour March 2013

Match & Fuse is a touring exchange program set up by WorldService Project (WSP) to enable them to perform with other cutting-edge groups across Europe.

After a highly successful UK double-bill tour in 2012 with Irish quartet ReDiviDeR, WSP now travel to Ireland undertake a reciprocal tour.

Each concert will see a set from each of these two boundary-pushing bands, as well as an extra set featuring a unique collaborative effort with pieces composed specifically by each bandleader.

This tour has received special funding from the Arts Council of Ireland in celebration of Ireland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union.


This two-horns-no-chords quartet was established by drummer Matthew Jacobson in 2007 as a creative outlet for his compositions as well as his somewhat perverse fascination with anagrams. While he failed to find such avid fellow followers of wordplays, he did find and enlist the help of creative and rhythmic specialists Derek Whyte (bass) and Nick Roth (alto sax), with trombonist Colm O’Hara arriving a little later.

The band play all original compositions from Jacobson (“one of Ireland’s most exciting young talents” – The Irish Times) with influences including artists such as Charles Mingus, Jim Black, Deerhoof and Phil Ivey. The formula for putting all this together in one palindromic setting is downtown grooves with catchy riffs and collective improvs.

WorldService Project

Award winning* punk-jazz-funk specialists WorldService Project (WSP) have erupted across the UK and Europe through 2011/12. Alongside their innovative Match&Fuse programme they were chosen for the 12 Points+ European touring scheme, have featured on national radio stations in the UK, Portugal, Germany and Denmark and their intense live sound has taken numerous European cities and festivals by storm including the London Jazz Festival, Ljubljana Jazz Festival, 12 Points Festival (Porto), Brecon, Marsden, Swanage, Halesworth and Margate Jazz Festivals, Europe Day (Dublin), WDR Funkhaus (Cologne), and Match&Fuse double-headers taking in Italy, Norway, Germany, France and Ireland.

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