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Matt Jacobsen’s Origami- RTS Tour

Matt Jacobsen's Origami

Jacobsen, one of Dublin’s most exciting young drummers, has been studying in Switzerland the last two years, and you can determine for yourself ifs its been time well spent with Origami, as they conclude a short Irish tour. Formed in Lucerne in autumn 08, Origami are Jacobsen and Japan’s Keisuke Matsuno on guitar and electronics, Switzerland’s Gregor Frei on tenor sax and bass clarinet and German bassist Alex Binder. Nothing less than an eclectic approach would fit with such diversity, and the creative impetus draws on distinct polarities from Morton Feldman to Rage against The Machine, all folded into a coherent musical edifice.

This tour is funded by the Improvised Music Company's 'Regional Touring Scheme' (RTS) awards

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