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Melanie De Biasio

Just one singer at 12 Points! 2007 - but what a voice. No vocal gymnastics or affected phrasing here, just something pure and sinuous, unadorned and sultry.

Melanie De Basio has taken a circuitous route into jazz, from classical flute studies in her formative years, a dalliance with funk and rock bands, then on to studies at The Brussels Royal Conservatory and the formation of creative alliances that are bearing fruit today.

With her working group of Pascal Mohy (piano) Pascal Paulus (keys). Axel Gilain (bass) and Wim Eggermont (drums) she's formed a potent songwriting partnership, and she launches her debut cd just days prior to this Dublin debut.

It should be the first of many for this charismatic singer, worthy of the title chanteuse.

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