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Michael Buckley’s Dublin Standard Tme

Michael Buckley's Dublin Standard Time

A third Pendulum in recent months for Ireland’s finest saxophonist in good company with the best of his own generation, playing the greatest of the songs that have reverberated through jazz and popular music over the last century. With Dublin Standard Time, Buckley has been offering a full blooded, old school blowing approach to the jazz standard, and the band winds ever tighter with each outing. Myles Drennan on Fender Rhodes along with bassist Michael Coady and drummer Sean Carpio, Buckley takes all the sap offered by each setlist before moving on to new pastures. This time out, they turn their attention to popular songs of the day like Too Young to Go Steady, the graceful chords of Ellington’s Black and Tan Fantasy and the open tonalities and sprightly tempo of that staple of the Davis repertoire Milestones.

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