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Mike Nielsen & Louis Winsberg030206

Throughout 2006, IMC will be offering you the opportunity to hear guitarist Mike Nielsen in some surprising duo contexts. To start, we join with Alliance Francais to present this superbly creative Irish musician in what promises to be an exhilarating dialogue with a leading French counterpart, Marseille’s Louis Winsberg.

Both are outstanding guitarists in their respective areas of jazz, contemporary music and flamenco, and here they fertile ground around shared concepts of improvisation, and informed by their different but complimentary musical philosophies.

While his electric playing demonstrate an uncompromising and often visceral approach to improvisation, the acoustic guitar brings Mike Nielsen’s stunning command of the instrument into sharper focus. That signature dark tone is there, but so too is that unique harmonic concept and solos that are refreshingly free of cliché.

Louis Winsberg also inhabits two musical universes. One as a jazz musician, renowned throughout France for his use of the expansive approach favoured by players like Pat Metheny, the other as a gypsy musician, steeped in the flamenco traditions of France's footprint on the southern mediterranean. As he nears artistic maturity, the two elements are combining to create music that is rich in texture and colour.

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