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MoM - Clog / The Laboratory / Awkward Silence

A fresh batch of the latest projects from the Irish jazz scene every Monday throughout November

Monday 19th: Clog / The Laboratory / Awkward Silence

A brace of free improv trios opening with Clog, comprising Rob Casey (piano), David Lacey (percussion) and Sean Og (woodwinds), followed by the noisy warp and weave of vocalist Regan O’Brien, guitarist/sitarist Dara O’Brien and clarinetist Alex McMahon. Awkward Silence is guitarists Simon Jermyn and Shane Latimer, with the addition of two saxophones courtesy of Seán Óg and Cathal Roche plus two drummers Matt Jacobson and Shane O'Donovan, and inspired by the looping beats of Aphex Twin.

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