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Muzsikas - Dublin

Mihály Sipos - violin, citera, vocal / László Porteleki - violin, koboz, vocal / Péter Éri -viola, mandolin, flutes, vocal / Dániel Hamar - bass, gardon, vocal

“Raucously beautiful music.” — The New York Times

Tempus fugit, and its hard to credit that it’s a quarter century since Muzsikas first came together, fuelled by the revival in traditional music that was then taking place in Hungary, just as it was here. Few stones have since remained unturned, and they have truly brought their music to the world, recording ten albums, often accompanying their compatriot Marta Sebestyen, most memorably in The English Patient soundtrack, performing in the great halls like New York’s Carnegie, and working with groups like The Balanescu Quartet. Healthy as their appetite for collaboration is, they have remained true to their deep roots in Hungarian traditional music, the rhapsodies and villages dances that inspired composers like Bela Bartok. In the hands of these four superb musicians, the lines we draw between the classical and the traditional cease to be important, and all that remains is life affirming music.

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The Salon Music Series is curated and produced by the Improvised Music Company on behalf of the Office of Public Works.

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