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Navigator Concert Series 2011

Sunday June 5th

ECM Perspectives

Trygve Seim’s The Source, Stefano Bollani, Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin

A bank holiday banquet to appreciate at your leisure as we celebrate the renowned ECM label, a watchword in excellence in jazz and contemporary music. As the marque ushers in its fifth decade, ECM shows no sign of abandoning the rigorous aesthetic principles that have yielded such zeniths of recorded music as Keith Jarrett’s 1975 Koln Concert. Three perspectives on today’s generation of ECM artists are offered here, all individual yet each in their way imbued with the characteristic lyricism that defines ECM.

Tenor saxophonist Trygve Seim soars as naturally as Garbarek, and is heard here in similarly uninhibited Norwegian company with The Source. The freewheeling Stefano Bollani follows, a witty and exuberant pianist blessed with a wonderful touch, amazing rhythmic resources and an Italian taste for the extrovert and dramatic. To close, the zenlike funk of Switzerland’s Nik Bärtsch as he takes us through the gears with his Japanese inspired Ronin, a brilliantly hypnotic band that builds from the scantest motifs and tautest dynamics to unveil gorgeous rhythmic facades.

The Source:

Trygve Seim – saxophones

Øyvind Brække – trombone

Mats Eilertsen - doublebass

Per Oddvar Johansen - drums

Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin:

Nik Bärtsch – piano, fender rhodes

Kaspar Rast - drums

Björn Meyer – bass

Andi Pupato – percussion

Sha – contrabass clarinet

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