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New Park Nights At The Twisted Pepper

Tuesday 9th February

Chris Guilfoyle’s Quintricacy

Chris Guilfoyle- Guitar | Peter Dobai- Tenor Sax | Leopoldo Osio- Piano | Barry Donohue- Bass | Fiach O’Brian- Drums

Quintricacy’s highly involved compositions offer a different format to the head-solo-head structure of traditional jazz tunes, but these compositions never interfere with the spontaneity of improvisation. With influences ranging from Kurt Rosenwinkel and Wayne Shorter to Meshuggah and Propagandhi, Guilfoyles compositions feature plenty of tangles and turns and a very strong sense of melody that keeps the players and audience on their toes.

Nicolas Von Ritter’s Kingu

Nicolas von Ritter - guitar | Darragh O’Kelly - piano | James Little - bass | Tommy Gray – drums

Eerie moods and a disturbed groove edging on the dark and dissonant, this strange and eclectic mix of Kurt Rosenwinkel infused with the metal vibes of Meshuggah is the first showcase as leader in Dublin for the Swiss guitarist and graduate of Conservatoire de Lausanne, Nicolas Von Ritter.

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