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Norish Blend


Eli Storbekken Group:
Eli Storbekken,
Georg Buljo
Irene Tillung

Eli Storbekken is one of the most established and experienced folk singers in Norway. She has a long and varied career in folk music and working with musicians in various genres such as jazz, classical and world music. In recent years she has worked closely with Georg Buljo, guitarist and producer. Since 2009 she has released two critically acclaimed CDs; and has won the Norwegian Folk Music Award. Georg Buljo is an artist, composer, producer and owns his own studio and record label companies Duippidit and Echofisk. In recent years he has focused more and more on the Sami heritage, the joik and further development of this, and working with cross-border folk and jazz musicians.Irene Tillung masters Several musical genres and performs as a soloist as well as an accompanist in different ensembles. She has spent the last three years touring for concerts mostly in Norway, but also in Vietnam, India and Sudan.

Kyrre Slind & Aideen McBride

Norwegian musician Kyrre Slind and Irish storyteller Aideen McBride come together at The Workman's Club during Norish Fest! The magic of old that binds the countries together, becomes alive in this evenings words and music.

Kyrre Slind is a Norwegian artist currently living in Kinsale, Co. Cork. He has a vast musical experience from several European countries. His main instruments are classical guitar, lute and voice. Kyrre consider himself as a musical vagabond. He draws upon his classical trainings as well as his traditional knowledge to create his repertoire.

Aideen McBride grew up in Co Carlow with a rural background and is now living in Dublin with her family. Her stories range from traditional tales and rural tales, to newly created stories. She has told stories in both English and as Gaeilge in schools, libraries and festivals.

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