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NOUT at The Cooler

Described as the missing chain between Nirvana and Sun Ra, the alliance between Delphine Joussein, Rafaëlle Rinaudo and Blanche Lafuente aims at pushing their instruments beyond their limits, with the enthusiasm of a mad scientist in front of his vials.

Flute, harp & drums is a rare combination that this trio turns upside down.

In the wake of John Zorn's experiences on the borders of jazz and noise, Nout imagines its music as a scenario with surprising twists. “We believe to be the characters of Alien and we find ourselves in Indiana Jones; we start with our eyes shut on a red movie theatre seat and we end up rocking on the dancefloor."

Programmed for IMC's 12 Points Festival (which was unfortunately cancelled due to external circumstances), NOUT were recently picked from the 12 Points line-up for the prestigious Europe Jazz Network ZENITH Award, recognising outstanding rising European jazz ensembles. For fans of 12 Points, this is a unique opportunity to hear the cream of the crop live in Dublin.

This tour in Ireland is part of the Better Live Music programme. Better Live is a project co-funded by the European Creative programme of the European Union, and the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund.


For those interested in improv, NOUT are also offering a workshop in the afternoon of March 7th at 3-4pm, exploring improvisation and expression in music!

Explore improvisation and expression in music in this enlightening and practical workshop with star punk-jazz improvising ensemble NOUT.

Discover the way NOUT create their hard-core blend of punk-y free improv and jazz, find new sounds to express yourself on your instrument, learn about electric and acoustic approaches to making music, and discover new ways of thinking about creating music in the moment.

Open to all, no experience of improvisation required.

You can attend both workshop and concert for only €15.

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