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Pendulum - Conor Guilfoyle’s Jazz Conclave

Conor Guilfoyle's Jazz Conclave

The clue is in the title, as the alternating rhythm sequence of clave, or key as its translated from the Spanish, is ever-present in this new project from Ireland’s Latin rhythm supremo. It’s a return to an idiom he loves, from his various salsa outfits and Latin jazz orchestras, and the emphasis here is on the latter, with a seven-man combo of Niall O’Brian (violin), Peter Dobai (sax), Barry McBrien (trombone). Leopoldo Osio (piano), Andrew Csibi,(bass) and Ed McGinn (congas/bata). Guilfoyle leads from the kit towards a fluid, jazz embrace of music from the Latin canon of artists like Oscar Hernandez.

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