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Pendulum- NYNOW: Peter Van Huffel Group

NY NOW: Peter Van Huffel Group

The fourth and final gig of our spring focus on emerging New York players is led by a Canadian currently residing in Berlin, evidence of a small world and the restless wanderings of the typical jazz musician today. Wherever he lays his hat, alto saxophonist Peter Van Huffel exemplifies the missionary spirit that New York asks of its jazz residents. Ambitious and assured in composition, an effortless way with the instrument, and a considered musical intelligence that follows a logical path into different stylistic terrain are the hallmarks. The city’s critics are always on the lookout for something new, and Time Out see him as a “a compelling melodist with a fiery outward-bound streak”, All About Jazz struck by playing that was richly nuanced, with melody and texture seamlessly integrated to create colorful and evocative statements.” He’s joined by pianist Jesse Stacken, bassist Miles Perkin and drummer Samuel Rohrer, with whom he’s just released “Like The Rusted Key” on Barcelona label Fresh Sound.

Peter Van Huffel Official Website

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