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Pendulum- Ronan Guilfoyle plays Steve Coleman

Ronan Guilfoyle plays Steve Coleman

Love it or loathe it, the pioneering, uncompromising music of Chicago saxophonist Steve Coleman is proving a profound influence on the shape of jazz to come, as his M-BASE philosophy (Macro - Basic Array of Structured Extemporizations) soaks down into the bedrock of jazz and its fundamental relationship with rhythm. Over a career that includes a remarkable twenty five albums as leader and several tenures at the helm of the Banff’s influential residential jazz workshop, he has shaped the rhythmic terrain that’s increasingly to the fore in the work of adventurous young players. Back in the late 80’s Ronan Guilfoyle was one such musician, and Coleman has proved an enduring influence on the leading Irish bassist and composer. Here he convenes a band well up to the demands of Coleman’s spiky tunes and their many interlocking parts, with Michael Buckley (tenor), Justin Carroll (piano), Chris Guilfoyle (guitar) and Sean Carpio (drums).

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